Nuit blanche 2014, Paris

Red hot: white night

Tom Hanks needn’t have been sleepless only in Seattle. There are plenty of cities across the world that offer a night of culture from dusk till dawn. Each of them would help his character get over the death of his wife. Tonight is the turn of Paris.

Nuit blanche, as it is called, is held on the first Saturday of October each year and has taken place each year since 2002. It grew out of a similar concept in Nantes, known as Les Allumées.

From 7pm this evening, there will be exhibitions, light displays and concerts. Culture buffs will be able to eat and drink throughout the night too, as many of the French capital’s restaurants and bars will remain open. Importantly, so will some of the city’s metro lines.

The action all takes place on the Left Bank, and over 50 artists are scheduled to be part of the event.

“Culture buffs can eat and drink throughout the night too, as many of the capital’s restaurants and bars will remain open”

With autumn now here, this is a great way to make the most of the longer evenings – before it gets too cold.

The idea has caught on across the world. There are said to be more than 100 cities that now hold similar evenings. Few, I would wager, however, would be able to hold a candle to the beauty of Paris.

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