Late Turner exhibition at Tate Britain

Looking ahead: only 36 shopping days till Christmas

Plans for our Christmas in France are moving ahead at some pace, thanks to a day out at the Tate Britain on Sunday. Our Christmas Day lunch had already changed venue – and now it’s got bigger too.

That’s not a problem: it’s all about going with the flow.

We met up with our friends Jenny and Christine on Sunday to see the Late Turner exhibition. The show focuses on the painter’s work between 1835 and his death in 1851. Both women have backgrounds as art teachers, so I didn’t need the headphones for the audio tour – I had the context being given in stereo, in real life.

Afterwards we went for lunch at the Rex Whistler restaurant in the basement of the venue. That’s where we got down to the plans for Christmas.

Jenny lives in France and is doing the organising at that end. The restaurant we were going to eat in on the day has closed, unfortunately. Instead, we will have Christmas lunch cooked for us privately by the cordon bleu chef who owns a chambres d’hôte in the village.

Originally, it was going to be just four of us, but now we are up to six. Joining us is 94-year-old Parisian widow Marguerite. Since moving to Castillonnès, she has never been seen in the same outfit twice. She cuts a dash on the Grand’ Rue as she goes about her business in her colour co-ordinated ensembles.

“We will have Christmas lunch cooked for us privately by the cordon bleu chef who owns a chambres d’hôte in the village”

Jenny’s new beau, Barry, who lives in nearby Domme, will be joining us too. I am delighted she has a new man in her life and look forward to meeting him.

Damon and I, meanwhile, have been given a list of things to take – top of which are crackers. We may be in France at Christmas, but there are some British traditions we won’t be able – or allowed – to give up.

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3 thoughts on “Looking ahead: only 36 shopping days till Christmas

  1. ..always nice to be mentioned in dispatches..I hope you weren’t too ear bashed on sunday….looking forward to Christmas dinner.. methinks a ‘ fizz’ is required!

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  2. jenny webb on said:

    Nice one today-no mention of Sue at lunch! She is only 74 in fact and I had no idea until Friday-amazing -I had thought about 68! Jxx


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