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Love thy neighbour: Chasseurs d’appart’

TV can be a great way to learn a country’s language and culture. However, M6’s Chasseurs d’appart’ may not be the place to start – it appears to suggest that sexism, racism and homophobia are all acceptable in modern France.

It would be funny if it weren’t like turning back the clock to the 1970s.

If you’ve missed this slice of realtor reality TV, let me explain what makes Chasseurs d’appart’ such compelling viewing. Bear with me.

For 4 days a week, a couple or family hand over their house-hunting wish list to 3 estate agents. The agents then compete to find the home that best meets their criteria.

Each day the contestants choose their preferred property and the agent who found it earns 1 point – or 3 points if the contestants make an offer.

Most contestants don’t make an offer. I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

The 2 agents with the highest scores go head to head on the Friday for a prize of 1,000€, or 3,000€ if the contestants make an offer.

“The show is more car crash than house hunt. Fortunately, it is now under the watchful eye of the French TV regulator”

The show is presented by Stéphane Plaza, who has more than 30 years’ experience as an estate agent. What we know of him is that he is particularly partial to a double vasque, or double washbasin – he falls off his seat whenever we see one in a bathroom.

We also know is that he has no qualms about doing ‘comedy’ impressions of some of the non-native French speakers who take part in the show. Or engaging in a bit of nudge-nudge humour about gay participants.

The woman who provides the voiceover has also been criticised for her sexist commentary too.

The show is more car crash than house hunt. Fortunately, it is now under the watchful eye of the French TV regulator, following a suite of complaints.

Waiting for Stéphane to slip up makes Chasseurs’ d’appart not-to-be-missed TV. Well, that and the chance to nose around other people’s homes, of course.

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11 thoughts on “Love thy neighbour: Chasseurs d’appart’

  1. So…a place in the ain’t?!!!

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  2. oh my goodness

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  3. This programme has been on my radar for sometime but I still haven’t managed to watch an episode – yet!

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  4. I’m amazed it’s survived as long as it has but have to admit that it was one of those tooth-aching guilty pleasures for me … so many ‘really, did he really say that?’ and ‘she surely did not say that’ moments but since I think it honestly is 2018 now it probably is time to send Stéphane and his slapstick into orbit somewhere no-one can ever hear him again ….

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  5. It’s tv reality on real estate so nothing to expect from it. I did watch a couple times and then rien nada, nothing. The TV nowdays unfortunately is full of programs like this anywhere.

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