Salon des vins des vignerons indépendants, Lille, 2018

A welcome return: salon des vins des vignerons indépendants

I don’t want to give you the wrong impression about us, but we have been looking forward to this year’s wine fair in Lille for some time. After all, it’s not every day you find 600 independent winemakers in one room, vying for your attention.

Last weekend was Lille’s turn to host the travelling salon des vins des vignerons indépendants.

We went last year and really enjoyed the experience as wine buffs. This year, we went partly with an eye to wines we might want to consider stocking in our future wine bar.

The vast conference hall at Lille’s Grand Palais was given over to the event. We headed for two stands we knew we simply had to visit.

The first was Domaine Moreux.

One of Damon’s colleagues gave him a bottle of their Sancerre as a Secret Santa gift last Christmas. (I love living in France – for comparison, in the UK, my last Secret Santa present was a novelty bobble hat.)

Anyway, Moreux’s Sancerre was so good, it reignited our passion for elegant, mineral sauvignon blancs from the central Loire area. We did what’s called a vertical tasting – you start at their cheapest and work your way up – and bought a case of their delicious Les Bouffants.

“We learned last year to go prepared – so we took two large suitcases. And stomachs lined with bread and cheese”

Next up was the Famille Rouet domaine, who make a rather tasty organic Chinon. Last year, their saleswoman, Steph, messaged me through this blog and encouraged us to go.

We had to see her and say hello again. Another couple of bottles were bought.

One of the things we learned last year was to go prepared – so we took two large suitcases. And stomachs lined with plenty of bread and cheese.

From there on, we worked our way round various Rhône appellations, including Vacqueras, Gigondas and Cornas. Our cases were starting to get quite heavy by this time.

No matter, because next was another absolute favourite region, Burgundy. We bought a case of Chablis Premier Cru from the Domaine de la Meulière and some fantastic Nuits-St-Georges from the Domaine Cornu.

Domaine de la Meulière, Chablis

Just as we were about to call time on our afternoon, we stumbled upon a very familiar face from Bergerac.

David from the Domaine de l’Ancienne Cure – one of our favourite vineyards from the area – was there. With a couple of bottles of his Pécharmant, the L’Abbaye cuvée from 2016, stuffed into the last remaining spaces in our cases, we made our way home.

All in all, it proved a very successful day. And not a bobble hat in sight.

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11 thoughts on “A welcome return: salon des vins des vignerons indépendants

  1. Bah humbug! Pas de chapeau aux bobbles???? Pourquoi…. methinks you would have fitted right in! And started a ‘trend’!!! Ha ha…. I bought Pirate Jenny some Ecstase…we consumed it in Oct…mmmmmmm! Perhaps next time… a shopping trolley is the answer!

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  2. I’m missing France now with all this wine talk!

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  3. I love them and follow them used to go to the salon in Paris and now here , visit their properties n the Loire valley now, just great folks doing it the traditional way. good you have visited them there cheers

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  4. James on said:

    Your post has reminded me of the time I went to that fair two years ago. It was great! However I was too hungover from the night before to really appreciate the day

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  5. Hughes Stephanie on said:

    What superb taste in wine… and not just the organic Chinon! Great to see you both again, to catch up, albeit briefly and for you both to meet Miss C.. Wish I had known about the book though. Hope to see you both again next year… or sooner if you come to Antwerp! 😉

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