Striking lucky: secret Santa

At last, I have done well in a secret Santa. Usually, I go to great lengths to buy someone the perfect gift within the budget, only to be given utter rubbish in return.

Of course, I know to give is more important than to receive, but there are limits.

One secret Santa sticks in my mind particularly. The limit was £20 per person, which is generous for this sort of thing, so I figured things would go well.

The name of the person you had to buy for was given out in advance. I was allocated a dear friend to buy for who is stylish and who has to dress rather formally at work.

To my amazement – and, later, his delight – I found him a pair of Paul Smith cufflinks for £20. (Thank you, TK Maxx.)

Damon, meanwhile, was given a gay friend to buy for whose favourite drink is vodka. He bought him a limited-edition, Pride-themed bottle of Absolut, decorated in a rainbow flag design. Cue a happy face.

Other recipients received champagne and red-letter-day vouchers…

What did I get? A novelty bobble hat and a £5 box of chocolates.

“I was hurt, because I felt that the friend who gave me the gift didn’t care enough to try to please me”

Yes, I know I’ve mentioned this before – let’s just say, the scars run deep. I was hurt, because I felt that the friend who gave me the gift didn’t care enough to try to please me.

In fairness, I guess she just got the wrong end of the stick about the gift-giving.  (That she caught me putting the hat in a bin as we left the restaurant probably hurt her too.)

Mind you, I could have done worse.

Once, for a secret Santa at work, Damon’s colleagues had a £15 limit. Imagine his disappointment when he was given 15 items from the pound shop. (They also went in a bin.)

Now, though, I have done rather well in the work secret Santa. One of my team bought me Michel Roux’s book Cheese.

Michel Roux book: Cheese

It’s a gift that says she gave it some thought and picked something I would like. I’m chuffed.

What’s more, I’m now full of ideas for cheese-themed meals I can serve in the coming months…

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4 thoughts on “Striking lucky: secret Santa

  1. ….but ‘how’ can one possibly….eat so many cheesy treats…without…a ‘ bobble’ on ones chapeau!????

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  2. I know how Secret Santa gifts can be either fabulous or awful! The one that sticks in my mind was when an elderly very “proper” spinster teacher colleague was given “naughty lingerie” – she had no idea where to put herself. That, in my opinion, was not just thoughtless but cruel.

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  3. So funny but a great present this year

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