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A temporary reprieve: Brexit delayed

Today would have been day one of the UK not being in the EU. That black day has been delayed – but, sadly, only temporarily.

Nearly 2 million people marched through London last Saturday and over 5 million people – myself included – signed a petition last week calling for Article 50 to be revoked. We might as well not have bothered.

The British government isn’t listening. Theresa May’s primary aim seems to be to keep herself in power.

So, despite opinion polls showing that voters would overwhelmingly vote to stay in the EU now that they know the facts, she is hell bent on leaving.

“Broadening my mind and my experience was the best antidote to Brexit I could think of. That’s my birthday present to me”

The 2016 referendum was won by lies and cheating and the Electoral Commission has declared it illegal. But because it was advisory, and not binding, a legal loophole means they can’t file charges.

Damon and I campaigned for the UK to remain in the EU. We spent our weekends in the run up to the referendum out on the streets of Brighton and Hove handing out leaflets and talking to people about the issues.

Damon campaigning to remain

Now the Brexit bus is hurtling full pelt towards the cliff edge – putting people like me in a very difficult position.

Let’s leave aside the cost to me of the UK house price fall, of sterling tanking and of losing out on a directorship at work all because of Brexit. The simple fact is that my day-to-day life here in France is about to get much harder.

I thought about what I wanted to do on what was due to be Brexit weekend. It’s also my birthday weekend (the actual day is tomorrow).

I decided to put plenty of kilometres between me and the Brexit madness.

So, I’m in Tallinn, in Estonia, with Damon and a couple of friends. It’s a country I have never visited before.

Broadening my mind and my experience was the best antidote to Brexit I could think of. That’s my birthday present to me.

Palju õnne sünnipäevaks, as they say in Estonian – happy birthday.

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16 thoughts on “A temporary reprieve: Brexit delayed

  1. palju õnne sünnipäevaks!

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  2. Aitaeh! ….. google translate says…Maori? ……ha ha …NO!


  3. Google better bing translator but all not Perfect. Brexit big mess just talk To friend in English library in Angers sad situation. Have a friend in St Malo living here over 40 yrs now maybe need To get a titre de séjour or French….

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  4. The whole thing is an utter shambles. MPs were faced with a choice between the Devil and the deep blue sea: vote for a bad deal and get an extension to 22nd May; or reject it and leave on 12th April. Like you, I signed the revoke Article 50 petition.

    One day I might apply for French citizenship (I’ve lived here for 22 years), but the paperwork and process involved make me lose the will to live. Instead, I have – reluctantly – applied for Irish nationality, since a grandmother was Irish. At least I will remain a citizen of an EU country, assuming they approve my application. But I feel I was forced into doing it. And, by the way, since I had lived out of the UK for too long, I couldn’t even vote in the referendum.

    Bon courage et joyeux anniversaire pour demain!

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  5. I don’t have the words. If I hear one more person talking about leaving ‘Europe’ and making Britain great again I think I will completely melt down. I also feel the future of our young people has been stolen from them.
    Anyway Joyeux Anniversaire!

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  6. I agree with you a total mess but do not let it ruin your Birthday. Have a brilliant time

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  7. Try a birthday wish: that sanity will eventually prevail (but I don’t hold out much hope). Have a great birthday.

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