A weekend away: in Honfleur

A harbour, seafood, houses so pretty they inspired the Impressionist painters… what’s not to like about Honfleur? The Normandy town has so much to offer for a weekend that, well, here we are.

What’s more, it’s just three hours by car from Lille.

Anyway, staycations are all the rage, which makes perfect sense in France. After all, l’Hexagone has all the variety you could ever want – from coast to countryside, from valleys to mountains, from cities to rural, from cool to hot.

We’re here to celebrate Damon’s birthday.

We’re staying in a stylish chambres d’hôtes for the weekend. Damon works for the world’s largest hotel reservation company, so we get a hefty discount on any bookings.

Rather than save the money, we tend to upgrade and stay in nicer places than we would have before. Hence La Maison de Honfleur.

La Maison de Honfleur

I’ve booked us into a couple of Michelin Guide restaurants over the weekend too. Tonight we’re off to La Lieutenance, and tomorrow we’ll eat at Entre Terre et Mer.

We’re also planning to take a boat trip along the Seine tomorrow after lunch… and a few glasses of wine. (Yes, Mum, I’ll stay away from the edge.)

Monday is actually Damon’s birthday. We’ll spend the day tasting Camembert in the village that gave the cheese its name.

Camembert village

In fact, we hope to make contact with a future supplier for our cheese-and-wine bar. That’s what I call mixing business with pleasure.

This weekend should be tax deductible.

Perhaps I’ll suggest that to Damon… Or then again, perhaps not.

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6 thoughts on “A weekend away: in Honfleur

  1. Great mémorable town for us….enjoy Honfleur.

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  2. Honfleur is lovely. Bonjour from Brittany where I’m en famille with the French side of the family for a week. Dodged rain to visit excellent market this morning, now languishing in characterful large manor house we’re staying in. Good to be back in France. Enjoy those meals & that birthday!

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  3. The perfect Birthday present

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