Carcassonne: here we come

The walled medieval city of Carcassonne is somewhere we’ve always wanted to go. So, this week we booked ourselves a long weekend there in January.

We thought it would be a great place to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We were toying with the idea of somewhere much further afield – Peru was the front runner – but we realise we don’t have enough holiday left at work.

We have to leave ourselves time to go down to Belvès to check on the renovations on our property there, ready to open our cheese-and-wine bar next spring.

In fact, we’re in Belvès this weekend.

We’ve met the builder, talked over some quotes and started decorating. (More about all that next week.)

Hôtel de la Cité Carcassonne

For our anniversary trip, we’ve treated ourselves to a stay in the five-star Hôtel de la Cité Carcassonne (pictured). The restaurant has a Michelin-starred restaurant and we’ve reserved a table for the evening of our big day.

We’ve also booked ourselves in for some spa treatments.

Hôtel de la Cité Carcassonne

January may not seem the ideal time to visit, but as the city is one of France’s top five tourist attractions, we’ll be able to avoid the crowds. More than two million people descend on Carcassonne over the summer.

Like us, they’ll have been inspired by the city’s photogenicity. In pictures, its fortifications give it the air of a fairy-tale castle – in fact, it’s said to have inspired Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

I’m looking forward to strolling around and taking in its charm first hand, with perhaps the occasional stop for a vin chaud

What with preparing to launch a business and celebrating a silver anniversary, the coming months hold a lot in store for us. Bring it on!

Photos © Accor Hotels and Office de Tourisme Carcassonne/Jean-Pierre Lavoie

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20 thoughts on “Carcassonne: here we come

  1. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful city on such a happy occasion!

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  2. Nice..’ have always wanted to go… have driven past… envious,

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  3. Congratulations! 25 in gay years is like at least double that in straight years! 😀
    Carcassonne is a fabulous choice. And the weather around here has been fantastic lately.

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  4. Congratulations. It is such a gorgeous place to visit you will love it. So looking forward to your cheese and wine shop next Spring.

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  5. Sounds perfect. Congrats on 25! A beautiful, historic city & am currently reading Kate Mosse’s “The Burning Chambers”, set in Carcassone, Toulouse & Puivert – good reading material whilst in France. Meanwhile, here in Dordogne, not many miles from Belves, we’re coming to the end of our stay, but apart from plenty of r&r did have my birthday trip & lunch out in Domme. Maybe Belves next year….?!

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  6. Nadia on said:

    You will love it. I stayed at the hôtel a few years ago and it was just perfect.

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  7. I hope it exceeds all of your expectations. Congratulations and enjoy!

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  8. I think these places are usually best out of season. I’m sure you’ll love it. I had a lovely lunch at that hotel this time last year. Congrats on your forthcoming 25th anniversary. We are celebrating our 25 years of marriage tomorrow, but since Monday isn’t a good day for such celebrations in France, we’re holding it over until Wednesday.

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  9. We live about half an hour away from Carcassonne and visit about once a week! I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous stay, especially as you will be going out of season.

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  10. Bonjour.

    J’ai trouvé que beaucoup de messages sont fermés pour les commentaires! 😦

    Félicitations pour votre 25e anniversaire!

    Bonne fin de semaine!


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