Office after the makeover

One step forward: making progress

The builder, roofer, plumber, electrician and glazier all came to the property to meet us on our flying visit to Belvès this week. We also squeezed in giving one room a quick makeover.

The room in question will become our office. Here’s what it looked like before.

Office before the makeover

It was a small bedroom at the back of the property with no view. We figured no guests would ever want to stay in it, so we’ll use it as our office.

As you can see, it was last decorated in the 1980s. Let’s just say that the shiny pink-flowered wallpaper wasn’t quite to our taste – nor was the green paper that had been used to cover the ceiling.

We painted the whole room in an off-white colour – a greyish white.

Office after the makeover

It still needs a new floor and that radiator is definitely going, not least because the heating system doesn’t work. We really only painted it at this early stage to give ourselves the impression that we’re making progress.

But as it’s a room only we’ll see, we haven’t spent too much time or money on it. We’ll save that for the rest of the place…

Speaking of which, the builder, roofer, plumber, electrician and glazier all came and saw us this week. This seems to be part of the two-stage process of getting a quote.

Step one is the straightforward one: you ask for a quote. Step two is less obvious: the tradesperson comes and goes over all the information you provided when you asked for the quote.

Not sure if they’re trying to work out if we’re worthy of their skills or if they just need to see the whites of our eyes.

If you know why this is, please fill me in. In the meantime, we await their quotes…

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7 thoughts on “One step forward: making progress

  1. What a transformation looking brilliant

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  2. Definitely…. they want to see…. the whites of yer eyes….n da couleur o’ yer money!

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  3. Beautiful stone around the window. BYW I hope you will teach the new generation about red wine. When I was a 19 year old American college student (1965), spending 6 months in the Loire Valley, a Mr. Loyau took us to his wine cave and spent the afternoon letting us taste many different red wines. Not a drinker until then, I skipped the beer stage and went right to wine. Never went back.

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