Pinot noir and strawberry ice cream

Summer lovin’: Burgundy pinot noir and strawberry ice cream

It may be autumn in France, but I’ve been in Montenegro, where it still felt like summer. So this rather adult ice cream – Burgundy pinot noir and strawberry – feels entirely appropriate.

Burgundy pinot noir and strawberry came to me as an inspiration.

I’ve experimented with a few wine or cheese-flavoured ice creams in recent years. My goat’s cheese and honey recipe is the most popular post on this blog – even if the comments suggest it’s a rather Marmite option: love it or loathe it.

Personally, I preferred my Monbazillac and white chocolate and my Bergerac rouge and dark chocolate ice creams. I tried to come up with another one that would build on my experiences with them.

I love drinking red wines from Burgundy during the summer. Lightly chilled, I find their delicate flavours perfect for the weather.

Pinot noir and strawberry ice cream

But they can be rather expensive. Spending a fortune on one would be a waste, so I opted for a straightforward wine from Burgundy.

No grand crus for this recipe.

Strawberry is one of the most obvious flavours in a typical red Burgundy. So, I thought I’d enhance that and bring some visual interest by boiling some strawberries to make a ripple to run through the ice cream.

I was rather pleased with the result. The ice cream definitely tasted like an adult ice cream.

Pinot noir and strawberry ice cream

Sadly, I think it may be time to put away my ice cream maker – and not just because I’m back in wet and windy Lille.

Mine was a cheap one, where you have to freeze the central tub beforehand. It feels like it’s on its last legs.

Instead, I have my eye on a professional ice cream maker where you can use it straight away. What’s more, they make larger quantities than my current one.

Oh well, that’s no hardship…

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  1. Mmmmmm……rich n succulent…wot more could anyone want…?

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  2. How about Beaujolais ice cream? A close cousin?

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  3. It looks delicious!

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