Rick Stein at Vieux Logis in Trémolat, Secret France

Rick Stein: and his secret France

I’m loving TV chef Rick Stein’s gastronomic tour de France – especially as my favourite restaurant proved one of his stopping points.

I’m referring to the Vieux Logis in Trémolat.

Vieux Logis in Trémolat, Rick Stein's Secret France

This was on the Périgord leg of his journey. He’d already sampled the culinary delights of Normandie, Picardie, Alsace, Jura, Burgundy and the Auvergne, as he meandered his way from north to south.

We’ve been to the Vieux Logis many times. I wrote about our first visit in 2014, and we were back there this summer, taking a well-earned break from DIY.

It’s about 20 minutes away from our new home.

In Trémolat, Stein met Michelin-starred chef Vincent Arnould and watched him make tourain, a garlic soup from the area, which they then ate.

Rick Stein at Vieux Logis in Trémolat, Secret France

They added red wine to the final few mouthfuls and drank it straight from the bowl. This is known as to faire chabrot – or chabròl in Occitan – and is an old périgourdine tradition.

His visit to the area also inspired him to make a pot-roast pork, based on enchaud périgourdin. I have to admit, I have never heard of this dish before.

Apparently, it’s pork loin that’s studded with garlic and pot-roasted with pig’s trotters and some stock, then left to go cold before being bottled. To eat it, you slice it thinly and serve it with other cold meats, pâtés and pickles.

Later in the episode, he cooked braised fillet of brill with ceps and chestnuts. That felt very autumnal and was made even more unusual when he added some slow-cooked pig skin to the sauce.

“I would be very pleased to find Stein’s cookbook in my stocking on Christmas morning”

This isn’t the first series Stein has recorded about French food. Back in 2005, he meandered through l’Hexagone as part of his French Odyssey.

We’ve still got the book from that series and often cook from dishes from it.

That reminds me. If any friends or family are wondering what to get me for Christmas, I would be very pleased to find Stein’s Secret France cookbook in my stocking on Christmas morning.

Helpfully, here’s even a link to it on Amazon

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11 thoughts on “Rick Stein: and his secret France

  1. …have you written ..to Papa Noel? …

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  2. Too bad he missed the Bretagne ::)

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  3. It would certainly make good kindling material for the fire on Christmas Morning….:)


  4. I’ve never been to the Vieux Logis, although we stayed near Trémolat once years ago, before moving to France. Neither have I been following Rick Stein’s French odyssey – I am always afraid that I will want to throw something at the TV, as I did when Jamie Oliver’s “Jamie in the Pyrénées” series included a visit to Cahors. However, it sounds as if my fears may be groundless on this occasion. I hope Santa sees your hint!

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  5. I believe there might be a subtle hint hidden in this post! I haven’t caught up with the current Rick Stein series but I loved Odyssey, mainly because he travelled along the Canal du Midi and visited Castelnaudary where we have our house.


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