Ferris wheel, Lille, 2017

Driving home: for Christmas (again)

I reckon I’m word perfect on every Christmas song ever written. Why wouldn’t I be? They never change.

What’s more, given that I work three days a week in London, I’ve heard them on a loop in shops there since, oh, the first week of October…

But that won’t prevent my enjoyment of them tomorrow when I head back to Lille with them blaring out of the car stereo. The Ronettes, Mariah Carey, Mel & Kim, Slade…

The car journey back to Lille has become something of a tradition over the past few years. I always go and see my family the weekend before Christmas.

This year is no exception.

I’ll spend the weekend at my parents’, catching up with them – and with my twin sister. She’s been living with them for a couple of years now, since her emigration to Australia didn’t quite work out as well as she hoped.

Tomorrow, my aunt and uncle are coming over to join us, along with my cousin and his family.

Late in the afternoon, after the last cracker has been pulled, I’ll head off to the Eurotunnel for my return to France.

I already have my drive-time playlist lined up. On it, is this rather charming ditty, Il Neige, from my favourite French singer, France Gall.

Sticking with pop from mainland Europe, German combo Freiheit’s Keeping the Dream Alive will also get its annual airing. This year, the song’s title feels particularly appropriate.

Damon and I have just a few months to go until we leave Lille to open a business – and start a new life – in Dordogne. In the meantime, we’re doing our utmost to keep the dream alive.

So, it just leaves me to wish you and yours, wherever you are, a very merry Christmas.

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10 thoughts on “Driving home: for Christmas (again)

  1. Great tune to drive on by France Gall! Happy trip


  2. sweet,
    first ‘il neige’ by france gall,
    after that ‘tombe la neige’ by adamo
    after that ‘il neige sur le lac majeur’ by viki leandros
    (there won’t be any snow in the tunnel, believe you me)

    wishing you&yours happy times.

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  3. Hope you have a really relaxing break over Christmas. You’ve certainly earned it this year!

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  4. Joyous Noel….we all need it this year. Keeping the dream Alive ? Great song, performed it at the Liverpool Phil in June with Rock Choir- thanks for reminding me of it the darkest point of the year. Music never fails to lift the spirits.

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  5. Bon chance mes Amis! You never know what delights will be in store… made it Elsie’s help to Casti… on sat.. suffering a bit from sleeeep depravation… see you soon ..cx

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