Shutters painted pastel turquoise

Painting by numbers: village colour palette

Spending last week painting the shutters on our future home was like giving a pig a makeover. The property may be without heating, lighting or plumbing but, hey, the shutters look pretty.

Or, at least, some of them do.

They’d not been touched for years and we struggled to get some of them off their hooks. The builder has said he’ll have a go at the ones we couldn’t manage – and if that doesn’t work, we’ll hire a cherry-picker.

We’ve opted for a turquoise paint. It’s a lovely colour and we might have picked something like it anyway, but we didn’t have an entirely free hand.

Each village that falls within a protected area has its own colour palette. Belvès is no exception – and its palette has no less than 12 reds and browns, as well as eight sandy/ochre colours, four greys and nine greens.

We were drawn to RAL 6034, pastel turquoise.

Approved green paint colours in Belvès

We’ll team it with the greyest grey from the palette, RAL 7001.

There are also strict instructions on how you can decorate the exterior of your home if you’re using more than one colour. We had our choices signed off by the architectes des bâtiments de France long before ever we picked up a paintbrush.

How to paint your home in Belvès

Woe betide you if you paint your home the wrong colour.

A friend of ours unwittingly made this mistake when she first moved to France. Two days later there was a knock at her door.

“The mayor would like to see you,” a local councillor told her.

When she went to the mairie, she was made to feel like a naughty schoolgirl – and told by the mayor that he expected her to repaint her shutters and door white.

Just like his.

Although his demands were a bit unimaginative, I rather like the idea of having a village colour palette. That way, the colours used shouldn’t jar with each other.

We’ll wait till we’ve done all the shutters before we hang them. Given that the property has no heating, that will also allow the paint to dry thoroughly.

Shutters painted pastel turquoise

We’re back down in early February, so that’s when we’ll reveal them to the village. Hopefully, by that time, our future home will be less porcine too…

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13 thoughts on “Painting by numbers: village colour palette

  1. They look lovely!

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  2. That’s the colour I’d have gone for too – one of my favourites. In Bath, where now very adult son went to uni, the front doors all had to be of an approved colour too.

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  3. Great we are by Payrac near Souillac today but when ready we will taste your cheese @$%&*

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  4. Good choice!

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  5. Fascinating! My mom was charmed by the color palette of the shutters in the small town in Lorraine where I was a language assistant. I had no idea it was probably something official!

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  6. We have the same issue because our house backs on to the Canal du Midi. As the Canal is a UNESCO heritage site there are many constrictions when it comes to choosing colours. Our shutters are ‘bleu de pastel’ which we had mixed for us. This colour corresponds with woad which used to be manufactured in Toulouse. We would like to paint the house white but this is not permitted. Our local French friends tell us to do what we want anyway but being well-disciplined Brits, I’m not sure we’re brave enough but maybe the back, at least!

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