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Work wise: notice given

There’s no turning back now. This week, we handed in our notices at work. With just four and a half months until we open, it’s all systems go!

Both Damon and I have had to give three months’ notice, so we’ll be leaving our jobs at the end of April. We’ll move down to Belvès a few days later.

Our teams were surprised – and moved – when we told them.

“The good thing about telling everyone is that we can now focus on getting ready to open our cheese-and-wine business in June”

I handed in my notice on Thursday morning to my boss. I’d brought her in on my plans a week earlier so we could work out what to say to my team about what will happen to them after I’ve gone.

I’d arranged a team meeting for the afternoon and told them it was about corporate planning for the new financial year. Once they were all settled, I revealed that the meeting was indeed about what would be happening in the coming year…

There were gasps of surprise. Two of the team even cried.

The good thing about telling everyone is that we can now focus on getting ready to open our cheese-and-wine business in June.

Our builder, meanwhile, is making good progress with his work. Every Friday evening, he emails us to tell us what he’s done that week and to share photos.

This may not mean much to you, but I can see it’s the start of an en-suite guest shower room.

Renovations, Jan 2020

It looks like we’ve also – finally – sorted the plumber and electrician this week. The roofer and the glazier have agreed to do their work in the coming month or so too.

But this week hasn’t all been good news. Yesterday, 60 million Britons were stripped of some very important rights – and many of them, like me, of their security and their identities too.

I won’t dwell on that. I have cried my last tear over Brexit.

Instead, I’ll focus on the positives. Making a reality of what has been a dream for us for a number of years is so close now.

Less than 21 weeks away in fact…


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11 thoughts on “Work wise: notice given

  1. Let us go….children of the country…. Le jour de gloire est arrivé!

    At least you know… that you have /are loved…. into the adventure ….

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  2. WoW! It is getting closer to the big day. I can just imagine the excitement and stress too.
    Can’t wait to see the final look.

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  3. Congrats on giving your notice and good luck with your business. After nine years in France, I was given my first CDI (permanent) contract on the day we left the EU. Keep positive and things work out!

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  4. How wonderful and exciting to read your news! I needed something to cheer me up after the Brex**it celebrations last night.

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  5. Good to hear positive news of your future plans now being out in the open and really, that’s some compliment if two of your team shed tears. A major step forward on your new path – what’s to be said except congratulations, and I guess you feel great!

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  6. Angelica on said:

    Good luck to you! I will retire at the end of the year and I will spend several months a year in our house in the Pyrenees Orientales. It is not so far from your place and I hope I will visit you one day and enjoy the cheese and wine.

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