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All is revealed: Planches et Plonk

Finally, I can share the name we’ve picked for our cheese-and-wine bar in Belvès: Planches & Plonk. It came to us in a flash of inspiration and it feels like a great fit.

We’re using the French et for that ampersand, so it’s said Planches et Plonk.

The timing is perfect, as we’re down in Belvès this weekend and can put up some posters in the shop window. That way, the villagers can follow our progress, if they want to.

They’ll be able to do that via the Facebook and Instagram profiles we launched this week. (Please do check them out and ‘like’ us if you want to keep up with our progress.)

Planches et Plonk icons

I’ve never used Instagram before. However, I watched a TV programme recently that said that 30% of people aged under 35 wouldn’t go to a bar or restaurant that didn’t have a decent Instagram profile.


A friend of mine – Janelle from Distant Francophile – confirmed it. She says that she always uses social media to check out what a place is like.

So I knew Instagram was a must. Facebook was already a given – I’m a regular user anyway.

“We liked the name for being half-French and half-English and, in using ‘plonk’, for showing that we don’t take ourselves too seriously”

But the big conundrum remained the name.

Damon and I had been playing around with possible names for a while and had drawn up a list of options. We weren’t quite happy with any of them, though – either they were two commonly used already or too uninspiring or just too clever for their own good.

Time was running out. We need to register the business for one thing.

Then one afternoon, we were throwing around names for the 100th time and came up with Planches & Plonk. As soon as we’d said it, we knew we had it.

We liked the name for being half-French and half-English – it acknowledges the elephant in the room – and, in using ‘plonk’, for showing that we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We tested it with a few people, both English and French speakers and everyone said they liked it. More importantly, days later they could still remember it.

So, Planches & Plonk it is.

Planches et Plonk identity

Of course, that means that in the coming months, I’m going to bring this blog to an end and launch a new website. It’ll have a blog element, and I hope you’ll follow me.

What’s more, I hope you’ll come and try some cheese and wine with us too!

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22 thoughts on “All is revealed: Planches et Plonk

  1. Lové it!

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  2. I will be there! I know you have great taste.. and that means .. what you offer to your customers .. will be splendid! Nom nom …hic

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  3. social media is it indeed and then word of mouth for me works if have a large base of contacts. keep it up i am following lol!

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  4. A most exciting reason to end a blog! Bon courage for Planches et Plonk!!

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  5. I like it. Good logo & colour matches your shutters.


  6. kevandphillsfrenchadventure on said:

    Fabulous name and witty too. Congratulations. I’ve just followed you in Instagram and Facebook.
    Looking forward to see all your posts.
    Have a great weekend.


  7. Angelica on said:

    I so look forward to coming and tasting your cheese and wine! Good luck with this beautiful project!

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  8. Love the alliterative Franglais – makes for a memorable name!

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  9. Great post 🙂

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  10. Love the name, can not wait to try your cheeses and wine.

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  11. Great name and very memorable. I’m not on Instagram, since it’s yet another social medium on which to procrastinate. But I will go and look you up on Facebook. Best of luck with your new venture.

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  12. Your business name has a great ring. Maybe an idea though to clarify that you will be serving good wine and not plonk! The local winegrowers are very sensitive about this! All the best with your new venture.

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