Bedroom chaos

Le KO: est OK

Chaos is OK. Well, that’s what I’m telling myself, as our home in Lille fills with more and more things to take down to Belvès at some point…

I’m finding the enforced confinement bearable but the mounting piles of stuff for the new business are starting seriously to reduce our living space.

Take what is my home office – or, perhaps more accurately, what was my home office. There’s now just a little path between the door and my desk.

Bedroom chaos

In it, we have piled up:

  • Five armchairs
  • A sofa
  • Three tables
  • Two standard lamps
  • A lampshade
  • A bathroom sink
  • A steamer trunk
  • Ten cushions
  • A meat slicer
  • A professional ice cream maker
  • Two coffee machines
  • A chandelier
  • Umpteen metres of different fabrics
  • 12 litres of undercoat for plasterboard
  • Five litres of off-white matt emulsion

And that’s not counting a sixth armchair in the salon and seven wooden chairs stacked up in our bedroom.

We’ve even bought a new car so we can start taking this stuff down with us on each trip we make to Belvès between now and moving down. Well, actually, Damon’s mum very kindly bought it for us – she figured our little MX-5 wasn’t quite up to the job. (She has a point.)

Mazda MX-5 road trip, at La Roseraie, Neuville de Poitou, France

Thing is, the new, much larger car is stuck on the showroom forecourt, as they were due to deliver it on Monday… but the lock-down has meant they can’t.

Mind you, we can’t leave the apartment unless it’s for food or medical supplies, to go to work or to walk a dog. So, road trips to the south west are off the cards for the time being anyway.

And our moving date in the first week of May is now looking increasingly unlikely.

Everything feels very much up in the air at the moment.

I’m sure many of you feel very much the same. Bon courage à nous tous !

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14 thoughts on “Le KO: est OK

  1. Ouch! That damn virus is throwing a gigantic spanner in your plans. Best of luck & stay healthy 🤞🤞😷🤞

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  2. ..and a partridge in a pear tree!

    Methinks Monsieur D had better learn to drive pdq….the message is coming from Mother…

    This all sounds and looks brilliant.. …but make sure you have some food to.. you can’t eat a chandelier!

    Take care mon Braves…


  3. Nadia GRAVES on said:

    Keep safe.

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  4. too bad the timing, life is a beach; be safe, the rest will come; cheers

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  5. Keep going. We will get through this

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  6. Everything is so uncertain for the moment. I hope it won’t be too long before you can realise your dream. In the meantime, stay safe and well.

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  7. I’ve been absent for a horribly long time stuck in a deep dark despair but now that I am blinking in the light of a new dawn I am delighted to catch up with you. I have read a couple of your past posts to bring myself up to speed with your exciting plans -that place will be absolutely heavenly and try and keep me away when you open and I am able to return to France. And this too shall pass and you will be living your dream. Bon courage in the meanwhile and try not to succumb to cabin fever as you live out your enforced shelter in place. All of you in France are in my thoughts and my own dreams will have to wait a while but reading your stories and those of others I value in this place keeps it all alive for me. Thank you 💫

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  8. It must be very frustrating for you both, especially when you are so close to starting your new business. We usually return to France, in April, but we have no idea when that will be now. When I look out of my window and see a beautiful blue sky, the sun shining and the beginnings of Spring, it is hard to reconcile this scene with what is taking place across the world. As others have said ‘this too shall pass’. Bon courage and stay safe.


  9. Oh Graham, you’re back…had wondered….good to see you “active” again, sorry, wrong word as we’re all grounded but you’re doing what’s possible under the circs & staying positive. We were with family in Houston for our annual long stay there but had to dash home after 2.5 weeks for fear of being marooned in the US with no flights back. Our return flight was cancelled & we spent a full day finding an alternative. 3-leg, 25 hour jouney got us back. Nightmare. Enough said, we’re back & we’re all in the same situation – locked down but not alone, connected somehow. You & Damien take care. Don’t know if we’ll make it France this year but keep up hopes we’ll get there at some point.


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