Damon reupholstering a chair

Cover up: preparations continue

Despite these difficult times, preparations for our new business continue. This week, Damon has been reupholstering chairs for the bar.

We’ve had to abandon our planned opening date of mid-June. It’s clear that this target is now way too ambitious, given the coronavirus lockdown.

However, work is continuing on the property – only much more slowly than before. Instead of six workmen being in there at any one time, there’s just one.

The plasterer is among those to have been in recently. He’s been getting the plasterboard ready – the pink plasterboard is fire-proof, in case you’re wondering why some is pink and some is green.


As for us, we’re fortunate that our workplaces have both agreed to keep us on longer. We had both handed in our notices and were due to leave at the end of April.

Instead we’ve been offered leaving dates of the end of May or end of June. We can choose whichever suits us best.

Currently, we envisage leaving our jobs at the end of May, moving to Belvès in the first week of June and opening the bar in July. The guest rooms are likely to follow a couple of weeks later.

In the meantime, like most of you, we’re locked down at home.

This leaves us doing the best we can prepare for when we can open. Damon has been reupholstering the chairs we’ve bought for the bar and that are currently cluttering up our appartement in Lille.

Damon reupholstering a chair

Of course, we’re nervous about opening a bar and chambres d’hôtes this year. We’re hoping that the people of Dordogne will want to support local businesses and that the travel industry, at least at a national level, will see a boom.

Whatever happens, we’re committed to opening this summer. Now all we have to do is make it happen.

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15 thoughts on “Cover up: preparations continue

  1. Is all the clutter up the other end of this minimal room.?

    You will…make it this year… and because ..people are stir crazy.. they will be out n about ….and eatin’ cheeeeeeeze…and slurpin’ vin like good uns… I have every confidence!

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  2. Keep up the good work. We will get through this and your shop will be open this year I am sure.


  3. Moving for professional reasons is one of the exception to do so, the Macron will speak Monday and will see , around Honfleur where I was going mid may all is closed illegal to rent until may 24, we will definitely extend the confinement until end April at least maybe same as Italy May 11th. Best of luck


  4. It must be a relief that both your workplaces are able to keep you on for a little longer. I’m impressed with Damon’s upholstery skills! It’s something that at least some of the work is continuing in your new place. Fingers crossed for your summer opening!

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    • They practically bit our hands off when we asked to stay on a bit longer. Not sure what réaction we’d get if we asked again… Yes, great we’ve been able to make some progress. Keeping our fingers crossed!

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  5. Thanks for the update. Good news about staying on at work – and that Damon is getting stuck into the re-uphostery with such determination! I must say I was rather distracted by that lovely art deco cabinet in the background! Good luck with your plans for the move & opening, and may they come to fruition. We’re not raising our own hopes about motorhome travel this year, but have strong yearnings for our favourite campsite near St. Leon-sur-Vezere, which is closed because of the lockdown. Time will tell – it’s all a bit “day at a time”. Stay safe.

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    • You’re right, it is all a bit day at a time. We’ll see how it pans out.
      We get so many comments on that cabinet. It is rather beautiful. Picked it in Camden many years ago when we lived there. Stay safe!


  6. It’s a shame that your plans are uncertain, but you must be relieved that your employers are prepared to keep you on. Everything is so up in the air at the moment, and for anyone planning or running a small business, it must be very frustrating. Here’s hoping that better times won’t be too long in coming, and that you can continue to follow your dream.

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  7. Hang on, boys, hang on.

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