Damon Biddlecombe and Graham Welch, Planches et Plonk, Belves

Our first month: cheers… and au revoir!

Full tables and plentiful bookings… it’s fair to say that the first month of our cheese and wine bar has gone brilliantly. Better than we could have hoped for, in fact.

We opened Planches et Plonk at 6pm on 30 July. We thought it would all be very low key, but no, there was a queue outside the door to come in and see what the place was like.

You can find pictures from that first night on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

To be frank, we were mobbed, so friends pitched in to help us keep up with demand. We learned some valuable lessons that first night and were able to manage by ourselves from the following day onwards.

Juggling running the bar, finding suppliers and decorating the two chambres d’hôtes in time for our first guests was a challenge – but we made it.

Planches et Plonk exterior, Belves

Reaction to the bar has been very positive too. People say it looks very stylish and classy. The platters – or planches – of cheeses and meats have gone down a treat too.

We frequently hear gasps when we serve them. One night, a group at one table even clapped.

Our first wine tasting evening sold out within three days and participants have booked our B&B rooms so they don’t have to drive that night. They’ll learn what to look for in a wine, from its nose to its legs, and then test their new-found skills with our wine challenge.

The Sud Ouest newspaper has said it’s interested in covering the event, which is encouraging.

Planches et Plonk interior, Belves

We’re open from midday to midnight from Tuesday to Sunday and from 6pm to midnight on Mondays. If ever you’re in Dordogne, please seek out Belvès and come and say hello.

For now, though, this will be goodbye. This blog is due for renewal later this week and I’ve decided to let it go. After all, my new life in Lille is over – and my new life in Belvès is now well underway.

You can find us via our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please stay in touch – and thank you for having followed my journey these past few years.

Merci et au revoir, j’espère.

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31 thoughts on “Our first month: cheers… and au revoir!

  1. Bon chance et bravo!

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  2. Dear Graham, It was a pleasure “following” you through the streets of Lille culminating in the nail-biting adventure of your move from the Hauts-de-France to the Périgord noir in the midst of a pandemic. Félicitations for your brilliant opening!
    Best wishes to you and your husband for your future in Belvès🍷

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  3. Going to miss your weekly posts. Been following you since the early days of A year in Périgord. 😢😢
    So pleased to hear that things are going so well though. I can just imagine how happy you must be to be living your dream.
    Best of luck with the future.

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  4. Great! Good luck and I’ll drop in if I’m in the Perigord

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  5. Well I have getting hit lately you are the third beloved mate in wordpress that is leaving me!! Sad. Anyway I understand that is life I have 10 yrs in wordpress and thinking of continuing it even trying to adapt to the weird block editor lol! It was great reading you here and I wish best of luck in the future. I will be following you in Facebook, Cheers


  6. By the way trying to get in some days to visit, already have a planned two pages of things to do in your area for Fall. Will let you know thru Facebook. A bientôt!!

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  7. It was brilliant seeing you both yesterday. You made Paul and my day turn into a real treat. My goodness you both have class and style in creating a brilliant place to eat and drink. We will certainly visit you both again and recommend it to our friends.
    We must arrange for you both to visit Paul and I in Daglan and of course stay for a meal and have a few drinks or two.

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    • Meeting you after all these years made my day. Thank you for coming in. I look forward to seeing you again soon. When you get a mo, please us have some dates later in the season. Graham x


  8. Congratulations and all the best for the future! When we next make it to our place in the Dordogne we will come and visit. elizabethsvines

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  9. Good luck with this new chapter of your lives, I just came across your post and I loved your place!!

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  10. I have so enjoyed following your blog all these years. And to see how you and your husband have turned your dream into a reality. My daughter has fulfilled her French dream of spending more than just summers in France. She is now in Vence with her two girls, now eight and ten, as they attend regular French school for this year. I hope to visit for a month or two when traveling becomes easier. Maybe we can come your way for a short stay! I will follow you on FB.

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  11. Angelica on said:

    Felicitations! Well deserved. Please, please do not end your blog! Start is again as A New life in Belves, it is so interesting following you. Anyway, good luck and I hope one day I will visit you.

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  12. So pleased that it all came right in the end and that you have started off so successfully. Long may it continue. Good luck to you in the future.

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  13. It’s been great following your “adventure” and now, all that’s left, is to wish you all the best and much success. Looking forward to dropping by once we’re back to traveling. Bon chance!!

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  14. I’ll miss reading your blog! Wishing you both all the best! 🥂

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  15. Good luck with Planches et Plonk. You’ve got off to a great start by the sound of it. I’ve mentioned it on Life on La Lune and pointed people towards your Facebook page, so I hope you’ll get a little business that way. I will certainly drop in if I find myself in your area. I’ve enjoyed your blog over the years.

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